Personal Leadership Style Reflective Essay

This is a reflective paper about you and your personal leadership style from your perspective. In addition, you are required to ask a friend and/or a colleague their perception of your leadership style. You must apply some of the theory related to leadership that you have learned during the course from the text and/or other sources. Reflect upon the opportunities that you have had to lead in formal or informal situations. Please include the following:

    1. Describe your leadership style
    2. What are my leadership qualities that I can build upon?
    3. What are the areas that I can build upon to become a more effective leader?
    4. How can I apply conceptual material learned in this course to my real life now and/or in the future?
    5. How has my gender, ethnicity, national culture influenced me, as I think about my leadership style?
    6. How will  you develop further as a leader?
    7. What might hinder you from being the kind of leader you hope to become?


Please write a 1 to 2 page paper.  Type in Word format with double spacing, using a regular size 12 point font. Make sure to list your last name and first initial, and the name of the assignment. Please submit your assignment through Blackboard.


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