Relations Between World Of Work, Capitalism, And Neurosis

Using Bataille, Marx, and Reich, what are the Relations Between The World Of Work, Capitalism, And Neurosis?

According to Marx, the most natural relation of humans is the relationship between a man and a woman and this is due to the fact that it is possible to judge a man’s level of development. The emergence of women’s liberation movement has revealed that the relationship between a man and a woman is that of inequality, where the woman is seek as an object and as a person who does not have any significant help to man. As anticipated, a similar relationship is observed throughout capitalism. Marx feels that whatever is going on throughout the capitalist life is insufficient (Marx, 1959).

However, according to Bataille, people can work peacefully in a given environment only if they are able to put aside their sexual differences. In this respect, work demands rational behavior where people seek to behave in a manner that seeks to promote productive efficiency. Additionally, Bataille feels that once people have began to work, it becomes very difficult to focus on sexual differences that may prevent them from achieving desirable results. Although work concerns men acting together most of the time, they should always try to repress impulses that may make them surrender to violence suppose they are joined by woman. Therefore, there are taboos that are define the human collective dedication to work, and without these taboos, the world of work would not have become what it essentially is (Bataille, 2001).

Reich’s view upon the world of work is Maxist in nature because he focuses on the relationship between a man and a woman in a family. According to Reich, the main cause of symptomatic expressions of sexuality is sexual morality. In this sense, sexual repression tends to create some undesirable antisocial drive between a man and a woman. Reich relates the repressive nature of sexual morality to that of the family. The family is traditionally believed to be a unit that should work together to meet the economic and political needs of the society. However, the poor relationship between a man and a woman in a family is a big hindrance to economic and political development. Therefore, Reich believes that the family has become an entity where only the authoritative remain in power, and a place where women are sexually crippled (Reich, 1970). Marx and Bataille argue that neurosis poses a very big danger to the world of work because it limits the physical capacity of men and women. However, Reich feels that neurosis, resulting from diseases such as schizophrenia, poses less danger to the world of work than that poses by class society.


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