Strategies To Improve Literacy In A Math Classroom

Strategies to improve literacy

Literacy refersto an act of progressivelybeing a position to interpret spoken word and even the figures, it comprises of complex language. Thedynamics of the concept literacy is both dynamic and complex  in nature, moreoften, people believe that  for one to be literate ,he or she needs to be influenced by  a vigorous academic course, in the community the mode of learning and  internalization of knowledge is generally determined by he best technique depending on the features  of the learners,

Strategies to incorporate a balanced literacy inclassrooms

A strategy refersto a techniques to be employed in a certain fieldto ensure its perfect and soft landing, here, in order to have a proper understanding of a concept in class, the target has to exercise the following:

Oral expression strategy

According to Snow, Burns, & Griffin, (2001).In classroomsetting, the instructor has to take into considerations the ability of the learner competence to writing and readingskills, this willempower the student to fully develop the general oral class, this will enhance numericalcounting and the interpretations of the mathematical structure tables.

Writing skills

For the past years morechildren have faced  many challenges  and o they need a balanced literacy  writing in  variety of  forms, a trainer must use different  approaches  that will help the students prepare for  the future especially  during the mathematics session. (Tompkins&Collom,2004).Researchers on the other hand  have concluded that,  teaching a child on how to read and write  forms the best and effective  foundation of learning.

Interactive approach

In order to develop avery interactive and livelymathematics classwith full participation of the learners, the trainer must apply the interactive theorywhereby they are being guided in reading and writingstrategies. Learners in this viewtheywill be able to use both features and knowledgecontained in the text as they proceed reading. (Sinclair, 2000).

In conclusion the integral approach of the literacy will ensure a good and Ideal   learning development, the approach gives a satisfactions in mathematics classes which later leads to an increase in grade level

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