The BP Gulf of Mexico Oil spill Essay

An overview of the events and implications of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

In the U.S. history of petroleum industry, the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil spill which begun on April 20, 2010 becomes considerable the largest accidental marine oil spill. The BP Oil Spill resulted to over 200 million gallons of crude oil being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico in a period of 87. Eleven people died while seventeen others were injured during the initial oil rig explosion.

Though, the gushing well was capped in July 2010, still there is oil washing up on the shores, and this could cause long-termreparationsto lives of the individuals living in the area. This has been due to the fact that,about total of 16,000 miles of the coastline have been affected, including the coasts of Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

Why it took BP so long to stop the spill

The reason why it took long to stop the oil spill was because there was no capability structured in place to do so, in spite of the fact that there existed contingency plans to help curb such incidents. The NCP requires that every offshore drilling facility have in place, prior to the process of drilling, a facility-specific oil spill response plan(King, & Library of Congress,2010). This plan being the principal tool for containing oil spill and since this lacked, the BP’s response plan was entirety inadequate.

The type of control BP used to avert the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

The BP used the riser insertion tube

After a number of attempts, BP then resorted to insert the riser insertion tube into the pipe with a stopper-like washer around the tube which plugged the end of the riser and diverted the oil flow into the insertion tube as shown in the study of Freudenbur&Gramling (2011). The collected gas was finally flared and oil stored onto the board of drillship Discoverer Enterprise.

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