Business Ethics and Virtue Ethics

Analytical and very critical assessment of the processes and corporate structure needs an organization to conduct moral and ethical screening relating to their systems and policies or particularly code of direction which directs them to ethics are incorporated in the social code of conduct of a firm or organization. Mattel Inc. is among the prominent toy companies that were initiated in the year 1945 by Matt Matson and Elliot Handler.  This company was given a name Mattel Inc. after it founder as mentioned earlier. The following were the companies’ major products that were manufacture; Barbie Dolls, matchbox cars and hot wheels. The products generated about 80% of the companies’ revenue.

Virtue and ethics simply refers to the moral values and roles of an individual. The major principles of ethics are entirely based on the action of a person as per the virtue depending with the situation (Sethi, et al, 2011).

Relating to Mattel Inc, I have decided to choose the following three virtues; Honesty, courage and fairness.

To begin with, honesty is referred to as the quality of information being upright and fair, having frankness, truthfulness and sincerity and being free of deceit or any other kind of fraud. In Mattel Inc. Company, practicing honesty helps in keeping high profile of accountability. It’s a requirement that proper and accurate recording and reporting of company’s information and transaction is done appropriately.

Courage is a very vital virtue in a human being because it gives direction towards the possibility of creating other virtues. Saint Thomas Aquinas refers to courage as a cardinal virtue (Barabara, 2013). According to him, he considers courage as the source to develop significance level of endurance in someone. Courage also empowers a person to overcome bodily dangers that tend to harm it and lead to death.

Fairness is one of the core values and pillar of ethical compliance system in Mattel Inc. it’s clear that the manner in which we achieve success is as vital as the success itself hence this acknowledgment underscores that commitment to do business with high level of integrity.

In Mattel Inc. every employee is in charge of treating others dignity and respect, acting with integrity.

In news report, it was discovered that the NGO reported violation in six companies that manufacture toys for the Mattel Inc. Company. The violations include; pollution and discrimination. For example the wages of workers are reduced and no payout for over time. It was also noted that factories stole close to 11 million USD from their employees. This was against the Mattel’s code of conduct which states that everyone in the supply chain should treat employees with fairness and abide by the local law (Seth, et al, 2011).

Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that claims that an act is considered to be right if only it obeys the rule of utility.  Utilitarianism was founded by Jeremy Bentham during the era of Victorian. This theory based on the fact that was need for the community to solely rely on reason other than metaphysics (Barbara, 2013). The reason behind this is that human beings counter pain with pleasure. Hence, a morally correct action is the one that results in the greatest pleasure within given set of conditions.

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