How can gender and culture influence emotion?

  1. How can gender and culture influence emotion? Provide an example from personal experience or observation, remembering to also meet all of the requirements for perfect participation posts found in the syllabus.
  2. In Week 2 we looked at the biological basis of behavior so we already have some understanding about how biological processes motivate us. Describe the biological influence of hunger drives on human behavior. How can this be applied to eating disorders? How do emotional and cultural or social factors influence our appetites? What are other theories about motivation? What is homeostasis? List some biological motives you have satisfied today. Then list some stimulus motives and learned motives. How did each influence your behavior?

Short answers only for these; no more than 10 words.

Johnny has chores at home. He enjoys some of the chores – like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, helping his parents to plant flowers and shrubs – because he enjoys being outdoors and doing things that make their yard look nice. He doesn’t enjoy some of his other chores as much – like making his bed, picking up his room, and helping with the laundry – but he does them anyway because when he does, his parents reward him with a little extra allowance for comic books or video games.

  1. Which of Johnny’s chores does he perform out of extrinsic motivation?
  2. If Johnny’s parents occasionally surprised him with a new comic or video game for doing a good job raking leaves, would that eventually lead to Johnny not enjoying that chore as much?


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