How Can A Sales Manager Determine The Differences The Reps Encounter In The Severity Of Competition In Each Territory?

Similarly, there are many parameters and techniques that sales managers can use do determine the severity of the completion. One technique is to determine the concentration level of the competitors in relation to the customers’ needs. This calculation enables the sales manager to determine the reach of each competitor in the market. Secondly, the sales manager needs to determine the potential consumers that have been exploited in order to instruct the sales team to explore these untapped areas (Mayer, & Greenberg, 2006). Thirdly, the sales manager should comprehensively understand the differentiation of the self-product and products of the competitor in order to create product segmentation. It is important for the sales manager to align the product of the company to match the needs of the customers.

More weight should be put on both qualitative and quantitative factors since they both contribute equally to the performance of the market. The number of new clients the sales person reported on daily basis as well as the quantity of the product sold per day are some of the indexes the sales manager can determine the territory a sales person covers (Mayer, & Greenberg, 2006). It is important to monitor the performance of each sales person in the field because they are the one that drive sales of the company and the company makes profits or losses through them.

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