How Can You Tell When You Have A Good Network Design?

A good network system design can be identified based on its characteristics. Good design contains six main characteristics that focuses on network uptime, reliability, scalability, security, troubleshooting and management. A good system should have a maximum uptime and thus, it should address all possible faults that may affect its uptime. Thus, a good network system has a high level of redundancy to ensure 100 percent uptime. A good network should also be reliable in that it should deliver packets to the identified destination at the right time. Therefore aspects of network traffic should be highly regarded. Security is very important in a network system. Therefore, a good system must have a reinforced security to prevent any form of real time attack.

Network management is also very essential in a network system. Thus, a good network design must allow the network administrator to always monitor and reach all network devices, particularly during crisis. A good network design need to be fully standardized, documented and adhere to the best practice to ease the process of trouble shooting. Moreover, a good design must be able to accommodate business scalability and without initiating drastic changes. The application of the six characteristics result to the most effective network system.

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