A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine, But A Downcast Spirit Dries Up The Bones

In philosophical discourses and in the archives of wise quotes, this is a common phrase. It is a proverb that is extracted and borrowed from the Holy Bible (Proverbs 17:22) and when interpreted it refers to life and how it is virtually impossible to traverse the course of life without experiencing suffering; however it is important to also remember that it is our attitude in life that makes the difference in us; be it in a spiritual, physical or psychological sense. I agree with the disposition of this popular phrase in entirety.

Firstly, this quote seeks to relate to peoples’ daily lives and how they should carry themselves in all types of situation. The primary goal in life is not to live in wretchedness but to live a full life with happiness being its epicenter. If we live life in a constant state of unhappiness and negativity we will eventually end up being in more misery than we were in the first place due to all the negative aspects of life that our negative energies would be attracting. According to Rhonda Byrne, author of the The Secret, the law of attraction works in congruence with the thoughts that we possess. This is to say that the negative thoughts we have attract negative events (Byrne 27). I thus fully agree with the proverb as it gives people hope and encouragement and reminds them to be optimistic even in adversity and it is this mindset that enables them to overcome their current difficult situations.

Secondly, having a joyful heart and spirit is instrumental in maintaining the equilibrium needed to ensure that we are well as human beings. This proverb alludes to the fact that there is a direct connection between our mental attitude that we possess and our physical welfare. What goes on inside an individual for example pessimistic outlooks usually manifest itself in the physical. Picture Timothy who has been diagnosed with stage two non-small cell lung cancer. He has been put under medication and is also undergoing chemotherapy as part of his treatment regimen. Veteran cancer researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee has carried out many studies on the relationship between the patient’s attitude and the response their bodies have on the treatment (Mukherjee 45). With a positive attitude, Timothy has a higher chance of beating the cancer and regaining his physical health.

In conclusion, to deal with any problem that one might encounter in life, positive thinking and optimism is paramount if one is to conquer it. Negative thoughts make the problems even worse.

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