Chinese Culture Basics To Ensure Successful Intercultural Communication Encounter

International business communications

The introduction should be handled in ways that preserve the Chinese culture. The Chinese prefer to be formally introduced to someone new to them. When introducing a Chinese businessman, you should mention his company first, then his title and finally his name.  To someone new, always stand up when being introduced and remain standing throughout the entire introduction. In the process of introduction or conversation, could you be applauded by the Chinese businessman, be sure to applaud back. Chinese prefer handshaking as an accepted form of greeting. However, some would nod or bow.

A  Chinese doing business with a foreigner will prefer a dual sided business card- printed in English on one side and Chinese on the other side. When exchanging the business cards, one should do so with two hands signifying respect. When issued a business card by a Chinese businessman, take time to review and study the card the n you can either properly put it on the table next to you or carefully place it in a business card case. It would be rude for you to immediately place the card in your pocket. You should always be standing when presenting the business card.

In explaining your position and your boss’s position, you will provide the job full description information to explain the positions and how they appropriately fit in the organization. You should provide detailed information regarding educational background and experience starting with that of the boss. Location of lunch should be the host choice, a place that has some significant appreciation for Chinese culture. Business is always gets conducted during meals and the gifts are exchanged mainly at the end of an introductory meeting.

In beginning the business discussions always begin with a small talk instead of business. Once the business discussion is on always avoid jokes. The major preparations are of three forms; interpreter, dress code and punctuality. These are of great value and significance to Chinese culture.

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