CIS 8010 Information System Project management All Assignments With Sample Answers

CIS 8010 Assignment 5 Instructions

This assignment is continuing from the (previous) assignment 3 and your task is to write a report to the CIO on the following aspects. Following on from the previous assignment, the CIO was comfortable with what has been proposed by you (in the first assignment) and would like to see three key elements be investigated and reported further in this assignment.

  1.  A comprehensive implementation plan of the cutting edge wireless technology infrastructure for the organization, highlighting potential risks and how these risks can be mitigated. This is a simple report, fully researched and developed with supporting arguments sourced from credible journals. This component should be validated through a plagiarism software and evidence that this has been done should be provided.
  2. An implementation plan detailing time, cost and resource schedules. This is a project management document and you must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project management plan.
  3. A document on various assumptions made and justifications for such assumptions. If you have introduced any slack, you must provide details on the same. These three key elements have to be packaged into a single PDF file and submitted via the EASE system.


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