Civil War Perspectives of the North and South

Civil War Perspectives of the North and South

A major issue between the Northern and Southern colonies of the United States after the newly formed U.S Constitution of 1787 was the dispute over free states and

slavery states.  The constant battle of whether to keep slavery to produce monetary gain of the Southern States versus the industrial movement of the Northern States

created crises among federal and state political positions as well as citizens from both sides for nearly 80 years: ultimately leading to what we know as the Civil War

of 1861-1865.
In this final assignment, you will research and explain the causes of the Civil War of 1861–1865 from the perspectives of a political figure from the North and of

the South.  It is understood that the political figures you select will give their side and blame the other side’s fault for initiating the war, however, I need you to

explain specific facts that led to their view by articulating the events they are referring to by name and dates: of course summarizing the events to support the views

of both political figures will be the key in this assignment.
Once you have fully explained the views of both sides, you will explain your perspective on where you feel the South failed to win the war against the North

(ultimately surrendering) and what was the pinnacle event (s) that created the strength for the North to succeed in the Civil War.  Again, simply stating your opinion

is part of the answer, but will be wrong if you do not support it with articulation from historic events, as well from the information you received from the research

of your two political figures in part one of this assignment: thus giving a balanced opinion in what “you” felt was the reasons for the failure and success of the

North and South.
This assignment will be a minimum of 8 pages in length, not including the title and reference page.  The assignment will be completed in APA Writing Style,

including a cover sheet, in-text/direct quote citations in the body of work, and reference sheet.  This assignment will be completed by next class by printing it and

handing it over to the instructor for grading.
Should you have any questions, it will be the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor in a timely manner, so a proper response or strategy can be

developed or accessed.

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