CMGT 400 Intro To Information Assurance and Security – Individual Assignment Help

Week 1 Individual – Risky Situations

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Risky Situations table found on your student website.

List three types of sensitive information involved with each situation.

Identify three ways each information item could be misused or harmed.

Week 2 IndividualCommon Information Security Threats

Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper on at least three major information security threats that a specific organization you choose faces today

  • Describe potential risks to the information and the related vulnerabilities within the organization. Identify the forces that drive each threat and the related vulnerabilities. 
  • Discuss how the values for threat and vulnerability combine to indicate the overall risk the organization faces. 
  • Describe how an organization can properly manage its information security efforts using proper risk management techniques and cost-benefit analyses for these information security efforts.
  • Explain the legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements for protecting data.

Week 3 IndividualSecuring and Protecting Information

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper that describes the security authentication process.

  • Discuss how this and other information security considerations will affect the design and development process for new information systems. 
  • Include a brief discussion of how to include preventative measures for securing data, such as (but not limited to) backups and remote or redundant storage. 
  • Note what role this will play in the other areas covered in the paper.
  • Provide an overview of several systems and devices that can provide security services to meet the needs raised by the other areas covered in the paper.

Week 4 Individual – The Role of Information Security Policy

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper describing the importance of policies and standards for maintaining information systems security. Include a discussion of the role employees and others working for the organization play in this effort. Examine the different levels of security and how an organization can provide the proper level of effort to meet each information security need and how this relates to what is in an organization’s information security policy.

Week 5 Learning Team – Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report and Presentation

Develop a 3,000- to 3,500-word report for the CIO of Kudler Fine Foods. This report should cover the material from the previous weeks, providing a comprehensive look at the key safeguards needed for the project at each stage of the systems development processes. 

  • The report should have clear recommendations to ensure that the final frequent shopper program system is properly secured against likely threats.
  • Include the requirements for future audit provisions the internal staff may use to validate the security measures in the system.
  • Prepare a presentation to executive management at Kudler Fine Foods of the need to make the changes recommended in the paper.
  • The presentation should be 8 – 10 slides in length.
  • The presentation must include appropriate graphics, and may be in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation format.
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