Concept of Resource Scheduling and Methods Used to Schedule Resources in Project Management

This paper analyzes the concept of resource scheduling and evaluating various methods used to schedule resources in project management.

The analysis include the following:

  1. An analysis of the benefits and challenges associated with resource scheduling
  2. A discussion of at least two methods used to schedule resources and examples of when each method would be most appropriate, given the scope of the project

Analysis of Resource Scheduling Concept and an Evaluation of Various Methods Used to Schedule Resources in Project Management


            Resource scheduling is very important for project managers as well as students undertaking their school projects since it ensures that no single item is omitted in the process. It also enables the project managers to anticipate future changes that may negative impact the completion of project. Resource scheduling also ensures that the project is complete successfully and delivered to the client as planned (Kastor & Sirakoulis, 2008). Analysis showed that resources needed to accomplish a specific project may require to procured from somewhere. Project scheduling allows the project manager to procure the resources needed and avail them a head of project. This enables the project run smoothly and quicker, thus eliminating the likelihood of project stalling. This paper analyzed the benefits and challenges of resource scheduling and discussed two methods of resource scheduling.

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            Resource scheduling is described as a process of assigning resources to specific tasks of a project. The resources needed to accomplish a project include the human resources, the working environment, finances, machinery among others depending with a project (Lu & Li, 2003). Resources scheduling is critical since it ensure that the project manager has all the resources needed to complete the project. In addition, it ensures that the resources are evenly distributed without overburdening personnel. It increases the likelihood of project running smoothly, staying within the budgets and meeting the deadlines.

Benefits of resource scheduling

            One of the benefits that is associated with resource scheduling is that it allows for successful completion of the project. Through scheduling, the project manager can determine the availability of resources and estimate the cost of a project. The other benefit is that resource scheduling assists the project managers to complete the project within the budget and the timelines allocated (Kastor & Sirakoulis, 2008). It eliminates the possibility of constraining some resources by ensuring that the resources are evenly distributed. Resource scheduling also prevent extra activities that can impede the flow of project, thus slowing down the completion of project. Lastly, the resource scheduling provides the necessary information about the project which enables the project managers to plan ahead both financially and time.

Challenges of resource scheduling

            Despite the benefits, project managers also encounter some challenges during resources scheduling. One of the challenge is lack of knowledge and skills needed to schedule the resources per task. Another challenge is the determination of the appropriate tool to use in resource scheduling. Some of the tools are very costly and technical and requires skill person to use. Analysis showed that resource scheduling requires a lot time and concentration (Kastor & Sirakoulis, 2008). As a result, the project managers are like to miss some items if they lack concentration and may negative impacts the completion of the project. The other challenge is ability of the project manager to balance the distribution of resources accordingly without constraining others.

Resource Scheduling Methods

There are several computer programs that project managers can use to schedule resources including fuzzy logic, Primavera and optimization techniques, MSP and scheduling CPM/PERT. For example, analysis showed that Primavera software is commonly used in National Highway project for planning and Controlling cost and resources as well as helping to achieve timely completion of project (Shanmuganayagam, 1989). The type of computer program the project manager uses to schedule the resources is based on the size of the project. Some of these tools are readily available by downloading while others require buying. Another method that project managers uses to schedule the resources is portfolio. Analysis showed that many companies uses portfolio to schedule resources because it is accessible from Google.

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