Codes of Ethics for the Corrections Officer

This is essay revolve on corrections officer who has worked on country jail for seven years with lots of competence, dedicated worker,  and respected by his colleagues and administrators. However, he has being cumbered by various personal and family problems making him to change his good relations with his clients to an extent of arising fight. The officer has pleaded guilty and he propose to be fired by the seniors or else he resign.  At this juncture, brutality is viewed as the core code of ethic which this officer has ignored since he has slapped an innocent person and causing injury to him. Moreover, this officer is lacking self control because he is not able to manage his anger (Huberts, Kaptein& Lasthuizen, 2007).

Indeed, this officer should be fired because he has failed to respect codes of ethics provided by the law and instead treated the victim with violence being driven by emotions. Since the officer is ready to resign his job, I would not prefer firing him since this could create grudge between him and firer. Apparently, I would advise him to leave that occupation or uptake another job if he is not comfortable with the one he is doing (Westmarland, 2001).

Otherwise, it is clear that this officer is subjected to immense problems which are backed with much weight which pressurizes him to venture into unethical deportments and this is due to the fact that he has no control over them. Based on this, I would alternatively use subculture factors to determine the root cause of the officer’s behaviour hence allowing him another chance to continue working to see if this behaviour shall get to an end (Rothwell & Baldwin, 2007).

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