Five Supplements Currently In The Market And Their Ingredients

When it comes to dieting, there few diets nowadays that contain every mineral and nutrient or antioxidant required by the body for optimal health.That is the exact reason why recently, supplements have been considered as a good option to bridge the gap between the available nutrient capacities and optimum health.

Currently, there exists a diverse number of supplements in the market. One of the most highly ranked is the ‘Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care’. Sold in packages of 60 capsules, the probiotic contains ingredients as microflora strains, enteric and vegetable extracts (Robinson, 1997).

The second supplement goes by the name ‘Nutrition Now PB8’. According to its label, it contains 14 million good bacteria and helps in digestion as well. Lab results show ingredients such as, Inulin, Lactobacillus casei, Rice maltodextrin among other bacteria.Eight strains of bacteria enable the supplement to maintain probiotic levels in the user.

The third is known as ‘Florastor” and contains 50 capsules in one package. The capsules are essentially composed of saccharomyces boulardii Iyo, which is a particular form of yeast. The aforementioned type of yeast is used in the drugs to promote intestinal health and maintain normal bowel function. Since not all the uses of this supplement have been backed by the FDA, a reliable source should be considered to avoid contamination.

The fourth in our list is ‘Nature’s Way Primadophilus Kids’. The amount per serving by the label is 80mg with a total package value of 3 billion CU. The ingredients primarily, are lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and BifidobacteriumLongum. Soy and milk proteins may also be contained.

Lastly, the last supplement ‘GNC Ultra 50 Probiotic Complex,’contains over 5 billion live and active probiotic refinements. It also features 2gm of fiber which aids in elimination, as stated by the manufacturer. Like the others, it aids in digestion.

According to scientifically tested results, product groups consisting of the mentioned products recorded surpassed label claim variances to a tune of over 100% and 1000%. The products’ purity was tested and approved however. For the nutritional value, results validated that most of the calories from the products came from sugar content with an average of 14 calories per serving (In Berginc&InKreft, 2015).

According to most people, probiotic supplements are considered safe. However, there is always a risk of gastrointestinal discomfort, pain or even gas. Nevertheless, the scientific efficacy proves to be valid. The probiotic bacteria, depending on the doses, are used to maintain digestive health and cope with Irritable Bowel SyndromeIn Berginc& InKreft, 2015).

To some point, I think the supplements have been backed up by enough scientific proofs.Most people have used them due to their over-the-counter accessibility and their herbal nature.However, the side effects have to be considered before trying them out

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