Coding Experience and QDA Software – RSCH 8301

RSCH 8301 Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis Week 10 Assignment Sample Answer

There are many advantages and disadvantages with regard to coding. This usually includes the utilization of QDA software and manual coding to achieve particular ends. The role of the researcher is thus to collect data, takes notes, and decipher the topics to be recorded. In my experience, it is very difficult to group information in attempts to transcribe field notes, visual data, and any other supporting documents. However, a researcher has to perform his/her own self-evaluation in order to decide what kind of transcribing will take place. It is important get clarification when it comes to any misunderstanding when it comes to the functionality of the software. Additionally, it is important to work through any obstacles that may hinder the researcher from performing appropriate data analysis.

There are many important components when it comes to data analysis. The interpretation of data and the analysis in regard to the meaning of the data is a very important part of the process. The phenomenological approach must capture the essence of the lived experience in the midst of the theory or descriptive summary. The data analysis requires an interactive approach which comes from the researcher’s own role in assessing the data and their own analysis. After the initial coding, it is essential to go back and change the codes. Also, it is important to take into consideration the various aspects of the data reduction phase. Codes are can be a potentially complex tasks; the reduction of data encompasses information dealing with codes, sub-codes, and meta-codes. It is important to note that with the help of software, the researcher can better prepare the data to be analyzed and a general sense of just managing the data. Furthermore, it is important to understand themes when it comes to utilizing software or performing the task manually (Moser & Korstjens, 2017)

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In my personal process regarding analysis, I utilized the inductive approach in completing my project. I enjoyed using my own analysis in regard to breaking down codes. However, it is important to consider the aspect of human error. Also, I do not feel that I have enough qualitative experience in order to provide complex expert work.  In my coding experience, it was very difficult to organize the information in way that grouped the information accordingly. I feel as though my manually coding experience was inexperienced and crude. I feel that as gain more experience in qualitative research, I will be able to construct the information in a way that entails more organization and better coding methods.

            There are numerous advantages when it comes to the utilization of QDA Software. The usage of the software actually frees the researcher from complex and tedious tasks, saving time and increases flexibility. Furthermore, the usage of the software improves validity. Researchers have an increased pressure when it comes to accumulating large amounts of data, instead of focusing on the meaning of the data. It is imperative for researchers to stay focused on the actual meaning of the data, capturing the core of the research itself. It is important for the research itself to enhance the critical thinking process of the researcher. There have been many concerns from the public regarding the usage of QDA software may take away from the integrity of the analysis from the researchers own skills and abilities. However, the benefits seem to outweigh the negative attributes. The software supports the facilitation of group work and provides a better avenue in terms of retrieval of data. Furthermore, the software can lead to a better development in terms of cognitive aspects and theory building (Johnson & St. John, 2004). In my opinion, I believe that when using the software, it may enhance my own critical thinking skills as well as uncovering and enhancing my own ability to categorize and group information in relation to its context. Furthermore, I feel that using the software will be more beneficial when it comes to time constraints as well as the deliverance of information.

            QDA Software is an essential asset and enhances the researcher’s ability to manage data. Additionally, it also aids the researcher when it comes to organizing data, builds upon theories, and explores different possibilities when it comes to data analysis and interpretation. It is important to understand that the software is structured to create as well as to share large sets of accumulated data.  Furthermore, it is important for the software to facilitate group projects; it also calls for a secondary analysis as well. The Atlas.ti is effective as software and performs complex functions and integrates an exceptional version of qualitative analysis.  Additionally, it is highly representative of incorporating memos and utilizing an array of fonts as well as the ability to highlight information in color. Based on previous researcher, it is appropriate to conclude that it is important to evaluate the functionality before coming to a conclusion of choosing the software that best fits the needs of the researcher. Some researchers have change software due to the changing needs of the research; this is sometimes not discovered until after perceived data saturation has been reached (Hwang, 2007). In my opinion, I believe that the Atlas.ti would be a very beneficial and effective way to successful complete the qualitative analysis in efforts to carry out the intended purposes of the project. Therefore, I prefer to utilize the QDA software opposed to my own personal coding.

In conclusion, it is important for the researcher to understand what best fits the study’s instead of jumping to conclusions that software will be the best beneficial in research. In my opinion, I think making a decision is comprised of the researcher’s own viewpoints of using software as well as making the decision if the researcher wants to be “tied down” with clerical tasks and time constraints. I used my own coding experience as well as my research regarding QDA Software in order to determine what fits my own personal viewpoints and needs.

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