Comparing Steven Spielberg and Cornel West Creative Processes

Great thinkers that have made impact in their industry exhibit unique creative process. Although they face numerous challenges, they develop mechanisms to rise above the problems. Comparing Steven Spielberg and Cornel West creative processes in their respective fields explains how their work fits in existing frameworks.

Steven Spielberg started as an amateur filmmaker during his childhood.  As a young child he had a strange desire for cameras and movies. He developed his first film “fighter squad” at age 12. His family background was the most challenging in his career. His parents were always fighting and as the firstborn, he had numerous responsibilities (McBride, 2012). Again, he was challenged by the environment that he grew in since he was the only Jew in the neighborhood. Spielberg used fictional creative process that involved bodily movements to communicate ideas. This method of thinking has been proved scientifically to be most effective because people that use physical experiments give more ideas than those that engage brain alone.

Cornel West, an American philosopher started to fight rights at a tender age. He marched in civil right protests that demanded blacks’ studies course. He earned reputation at an early age because of his infectious enthusiasm and wide range of interests. His major challenge was to unify the diverse interests. West employed analytical creative process though he used body movement in expressing his thoughts. As a lecturer, he wanted his student to capture his mind rather than his words (West, 1990). He expressed enthusiasm in the communication with a symbolic conviction in his speech that connected his body and mind as well as emotions and intellect.

In conclusion, Steven Spielberg and Cornel West work fit into the existing framework of understanding in their field because both were passionate. They advance the understanding of the field by ensuring that people that are joining the field have a point of reference from their works.

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