The Concept of Submission in Islam

The main idea that integrates everything into a common system is found in the word “Islam” itself. This is an Arabic word that means “submission”, which leads to Muslim meaning “one who submits”. It is derived from the corresponding word aslama meaning “make peace”, “surrender”, or “submit” (De Sondy 530). This word is a clear definition of the Islamic idea that all life aspects of an individual, and the society at large, should be lived only by submission to the one true God.

The concept of submission in Islam features the absolute surrender to the will, service and commands given by the One True God (De Sondy 530). Contrary to the kinds of beliefs held by many people, this form of submission brings a sense of belief to the submitter, and enables him to be freed from all sorts of fears, and instead feel safe and protected. This form of submission cannot be forced, but an individual must choose to give it wholeheartedly with no doubt (De Sondy 533). This will ensure that he or she is readily obedient to the commands given by the one true God. Submission in Islam is not enslaving as many people assume.

Comparison with Christianity Concepts

The Christian concept of salvation is somewhat similar to the concept of submission in Islam in that in both cases, an individual needs to decide to submit or to be saved. In Christianity, salvation features the grace of God which results when a human being decides to change his ways and follow the will of God (Rinehart 582). For one to be saved and be allowed to have a personal relationship with God, the grace of God alone is not enough. The individual must also claim it personally. In Islam, submission guarantees the submitter peace as it offers safety and protection while alleviating all sorts of fears (De Sondy 534). This is also the case in Christianity whereby salvation guarantees God’s promises to the human being. These promises are listed in the Bible, such as protection and triumph over enemies. Both submission and salvation require an individual to give up pride and be humble before the Lord. This is why it cannot be forced on anyone.

The Christian concept of the Covenant is basically focused on the agreement between God and human kind. It features a list of obligations of both God and human kind, as well as the punishments and rewards that will govern the breaking and keeping of the covenant (Taggar-Cohen 463). This is similar to the concept of submission in Islam in that submitters have their role to play before they can receive what was promised to them by God. In both cases, human beings have a role to play before they can either be rewarded or punished by God. Rewards feature good things such as peace, while punishment includes suffering and other negative things. Therefore, it is all about choice as to what an individual wants, whether it is to be punished or to be rewarded. In the covenant, human beings have to submit and trust in God’s will just as is the case in Islam.

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