Creating A Change Management Checklist – Memo

The purpose of this memo is to inform the Human Resource Department that the named OD practitioner will lead a project to create a change management checklist which will also be distributed to all the managers in the company. This will help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company and quicken ways of introducing changes to meet the changing clients’ needs, market conditions and internal pressures from within the company. It will also improve efficiency and reduce mistakes. The checklist will provide a document showing the accountability for the project.

The change management checklist will have positive impacts to the company if the procedure is well followed. It ensures a smooth transition when introducing new changes hence avoiding cases of other employees resisting the changes which might result to conflicts. It involves all the employees and therefore everyone will feel comfortable embracing the changes in which they took part in implementing it hence making the transition fast. The check list will help the employees learn more about the company , like what is going to change, what will they have to give up, and learn the skills they need to implement and adopt to the new changes (Guffey & Loewy, 2012). It will also reinforce the benefits of having a shared vision and common direction in the company.

All the managers are therefore notified that they are required to inform all the members in their departments about the planned changes so as to prepare them psychologically. All the employees in the company will be part of the implementation process.

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