Role Of Configuration Management In The project And How It Interrelate With Change Control

What role does configuration management play in the project? How do change control and configuration management interrelate?

Configuration management entails the administrative activities regarding with the quality control, creation, controlled change, and maintenance of the work scope. It is a discipline of management which applies administrative and technical directions to the support, production, and development life cycle of item configuration. The discipline is applicable to software, hardware, services, processed materials, and associated technical documentation. Configuration management is a lifecycle management integral part. The main configuration management objective is to evaluate functional and document requirements. Another CM objective is that each individual working on the project at any project lifecycle employs accurate and correct documentation. CM refers to the process of process and products management via the management of data, records, and documents. CM main role in project management include requirements documentation and control. It also used in project products documentation and change control system which involve managing and coordinating project changes, and revising quality impacts. Risk plans, costs, staffing, and scheduling. It is also employed in project requirement verification and auditing the plans and specific documentation conformity with the project requirements and the set quality (Lang, 2011).

Configuration management is more involved in evaluating the plan and documentation conformity to the project requirements. Thus, it determines whether a plan or document needs to be changed to comply with the required standards and the degree of change. It therefore determines the level of change required in any identified fault. In doing so, the configuration management acts as a control management which determines the degree of change in any aspect that requires change. Thus the configuration management in this case plays the role of control management.

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