Inputs and Outputs to Integrated Change Control

Integrated change control contains a number of inputs. These inputs include project management plan, work performance information, change requests, organizational process assets, enterprise environmental factors, and techniques and tools for integrated change control. Project management plan is required to assist identify the modifications and make apprises after the modifications have been approved. Work performance information is considered as an input since deviations of performance from the plan will initiate requests of change or recommended preventive or corrective actions to enhance the situation. Change requests it is an input that goes through the process of approval where it can delayed, rejected, or approved. These requests of change come from a number of controlling and monitoring processes or from the stakeholders. These requested changes might include corrective actions recommendation, defect repairs recommendation, and preventive actions recommendation. Enterprise environmental aspects which can influence the incorporated process of change control which include information system project management. This is a collection of techniques and tools used to disseminated, integrate, and gather the project management processes output. Organizational process assets can impact change control process. They include the organizational procedures, measurements, change knowledge base and project files.

The modifications which are processed via the incorporated process of change control will either be approve or rejected. Consequent to the approved changes, the plan of the project management may require to be updated. Following are the integrated change process control output items. They will include change request status updates where the items developed via the integrated process of change control will eventually be either rejected or approved. Each change request have to contain some status that include implementation validated, implemented, rejected, approved, and in progress. Document updates are outputs which happen due to approved changes. Items that include project scope statement and project management plan may require to be updated, and the end product will be considered as the output (Munns & Bjeirmi, 1996).

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