What are the key components of the project plan?

What are the key components of the project plan? How are they used?

Project planning is one of the major stages in project development. It allows the transformation of the project requirements into risk register, work breakdown structure, resource assignment, gantt chart, and task risks among others. Project planning expresses the project requirements and objectives with regard to the project planning components. These components include project scope, project schedule, project resources planning, project cost estimation, project quality and supports plan that include project procurement plan, communication plan, and risk management plan. Project scope highly determines all project deliverables. It acts as map where boundaries are drafted to show the extent or stretch of a provided territory. It outlines project deliverables extent. Project schedule is used to allocate time to each project development stage and to estimate the total time that will be required to complete the project.  Project resources allocation is used to determine the project required resources and to allocate these resources to each project activity.

Project cost planning is used to determine the total amount of money required to complete the project and to determine the project budget; financial allocation in all project development stages.  It also determines the sources of the cash required to complete the project. Quality management plan focuses on measures to be employed to ensure project quality. Supportive plan ensures that there is effective process of communication to enhance the project development success. It also ensures that all risks have been identified and measures employed to counter or mitigate the risks. It also provides guidance on how the required project materials will be procured. This includes individuals responsible for this process and also the procedure to be employed to enhance the procurement process (Zilicus Solution, 2012).

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