Creative Hero – Steven Spielberg

The American film industry has had many great directors throughout history. However, very few come close to the genius and creativity of Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is renowned for directing movies that have box office appeal. Spielberg has the ability to tell a great story, which awakens the emotions of the viewers. His films are filled with disturbing emotions, such as anger, outrage, and hate, and uplifting emotions such as love and compassion. Spielberg has directed some of the greatest movies in history.

Spielberg’s career in the film industry has grown in leap and bounds. He started his career in television by directing episodes of television programs that were filmed in Universal movie studios. This enabled him to learn the importance of focusing on the emotions of the audience when directing movies. Spielberg uses fact and fiction effectively to tell a compelling story. This has inspired other film makers to use this technique in their films. In so doing, Spielberg has helped in revolutionizing the film industry (Jackson, 2007).

Quentin Tarantino is another popular film director. He makes films that elicit mixed feelings. Some people claim that he is a genius whereas others claim that he is just nuts. His ability to make movies that fill the audience of emotions is what makes him be similar to Spielberg. Both Tarantino and Spielberg grew up as obsessed film fans.

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