Cultural Activity Report – A Visit To Museum of Modern Art


The museum I visited was the modern museum. The modern museum houses many pieces of art that are important in showing the various works that are associated with the modern society. The museum mostly deals with modern art and as such focusses on the different events that have happened and making art the reflects the modern society. The museum is quite exquisite in its arrangement as there is a modern touch to the surroundings of the institutions especially the rooms that house the art. The attendees in the museum are mostly young adults including men and women together with few elderly people. Some are sitting on the chairs in the exhibition rooms while others are staring at the various pieces of art. The museum is located in New York on the 53rd street. I ventured into the museum at eleven in the morning on 18 March.

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The various sculptures are mostly found outside and few within the museum. Several pieces caught my attention when I ventured into the museum that I thought was involved and eye-catching was the painting by Edgar Degas, A Strange New Beauty. The painting is drawn in such manner as showing surfaces only and not focusing on the details associated with the face of the person. The painting is a monotype where the painter employed the use of the metal plate and then the painting passed through a printing press. The painting shows two people, a man and a woman. One form the first glance could think that the picture was etched or some other coloring using charcoal since the painting is in black and white. The painter mostly made his paintings then used the printing press to generate them in black and white color. The painting was done in the 1800s and contributes greatly to the methods that were used in the 19th century to ensure that modern painters learn from them and perfect on their paintings. The painting was shown on the sixth floor of the North exhibition gallery.

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Another good piece in the museum is the self-portrait with cropped hair by Frida Kahlo. Fridha Kahlo was a feminist in the 1900s and eventually divorced from her husband. The picture shows her wearing men’s clothing at that time and thus speaks greatly on the issue of feminist. The picture thus tends to bring out the different events that happen during that era with feminism at the forefront and thus how women were treated. In wearing the trousers in the painting, she tended to show the displeasure with the state the women were being. An important article helps one to go back in history especially in issues related to women’s emancipation. Therefore, the painting is critical regarding showing the history affecting feminism and helping to appreciate how the women fare have gone in their quest for equality.

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The museum has various galleries that display the various items associated with premodern and postmodern times. The museum houses many types of work that range from premodern to postmodern art. The build is vast, and the various rooms are sectioned to house various galleries associated with different paintings. It has a hotel, auditorium, and bookshop. The picture is clearly placed in the different rooms for exhibition with modern furnished arrangements. They are numerous sculptures outside the exhibition together with those inside the building. The building uses technology that includes multiple screens to air some of the paintings to the viewers. The museum shows various arts using many spaces and is one of the most elegant and influential museums regarding displaying art. The museum is an elegant feature itself especially with the arrangement and exhibition of the various paintings together with the sculptures in place.

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