Cultural Activity Report – Leopold Museum In Vienna

Leopold Museum In Vienna; it is situated in the MuseumsQuartier compound in downtown Vienna features Australian modern masterpiece. I visited the museum basically to see the work and arts of Australian artists Egon schiele, Oskar Koko Schuka and Klimt. Klimt had been my most favorite artist; the thought of physically viewing and touching his original work significantly contributed to my decision and choice of the museum.  I was really dying with an overwhelming curiosity to finally be in Leopold.

It was on Thursday, July 16th, 2015, on reaching the museum at exactly 15 minutes past 11am, before even getting closer to the main gate, everything I saw was appealing; it has a unique strategic location. The entry to museum is 9E for adults.  The sun’s rays were not any stronger and there was a gentle blow of wind, a weather that suited my experince.  It is a modern building, light, airy, and easy to navigate. It is really a cool museum with an appealing work display on sight. The display is spread over seven floors, all equipped with lift access. I enjoyed the tender and welcoming nature of the receptionist service providers.  Inside, there is a very good and enriching café serving refreshments with waiter service throughout the day.  Amazingly, to my best fun addition, there was live music on that Thursday evening. What an enjoyment!

There were extensive collections of Egon Shiele’s works.  To the fun part, I found major art pieces by my most favorite funs Klimt and Kokoschka. These two are the best known Australian artists. They are fascinating.  I had enjoyed viewing Klimt’s arts through books and other written materials. I loved them little did I know that I would love them even more on viewing the actual real arts thereby getting to touch and feel them. Klimt’s arts were based on the female body, there were big displays especially on the second floor that than the other floors. His paintings, mural and sketches felt real on sight, I admired this allegories and portraits. I loved his figurative work of his landscape painting that captured the impossibly dense forests and gardens. There was one decorative painting named fruit tree by the lake that was amazingly beautiful with healthy green fruits and soothing sun rays over them. I always admired his talent.  Because of what I viewed, I became a fun of another artist by the name Schiele. There was a special exhibition of Schiele’s landscapes featuring paintings of houses and townhouses. It was amazingly wonderful, full of reality on viewing.

A part from the main two eventful art displays of Klimt and Shiele, Thursday was an eventful day to me, it was indeed the day that ended so soon that my expectations’ enjoyed strolling around the area; I bought tickets for different entries at the information centers as well as shops. From the information centre, I gathered that Leopold Museums holds more than 500 exhibits collected by the Rudolph, well despite these many exhibitions, most people who visited the Museum with me came specifically to see the works of  Australian’s finest  expressionist and secessionist painters, Schiele and Klimt.

Could I feel tired, there were gold velvet seats to rest on my weary bones on-this was very comforting. I took very many photos of my favorite paintings, most of which were from the arts of Klimt. Furthermore, there was a comforting accommodation in the nearby hotel. I left the locality on the next day Friday morning. Great inspirations flowed over my head. The visit must have elicited and awaken some painting talents in me.  I loved the trip and its influence. The progress I am currently making in painting undoubtedly has its roots from this trip.

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