A Cultural Map to Ecuador

  1. What sources about Ecuador should you consult to obtain cultural information about this country that will need to be included on your cultural map? 

One of the best areas to begin when on the quest to find information about the Ecuadorian culture is the internet.  We presently live in the age of information where at the click of a button, we can obtain crucial cultural details. Search engines such as Bing and Google have transformed the manner in which individuals can now obtain information making it readily available for all those who might want to access it. These search engines are often supplemented by online resources such as www.ecuador.com and www.everyculture.com which are helpful to anyone seeking information about this country and its people. Alternatively, one might also opt to read through Latin American and Ecuadorian magazines that contain features on the inhabitants of Ecuador. Examples of such publications include Eneración Estadio and Revista de farandula Ecuatoriana which are famous for the useful information that they provide to the readers. Some of these magazines have travel guides meant to guide tourist through Ecuador. They contain vital pieces of information for all those who might want to take a vacation to Ecuador which is also why it can be an essential asset for an individual seeking to create a cultural map of the country. Moreover, books are even a critical information source for persons who can take time off their busy schedules and head to a local library.  Bestsellers such Footprints Ecuador and the Galapagos Handbook by Daisy Kunstaetter, Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring by Danny Palmerlee and Footprints South American Handbook 2005 by Ben Box can be of help to anyone seeking cultural information about Ecuador (Handelsman, 2000, p. 45). These books were written by experts who took the time to undertake intensive research about the Ecuadorian people.


  1. What other aspects of Ecuadorian culture, other than its predominant religion and language, might affect that country’s culture?

Ecuador is made up of segregated towns which have, for a long time, promoted regionalism. Through this form of division, the regions created boast of their individuality which in turn creates a sense of pride among the inhabitants. It is in these enclaves where people develop distinct cultures that sometimes vary from those in the surrounding areas. Ecuadorians also place a lot of emphasis on their families as the influence every single facet of their lives. They serve as the primary unit that every single Ecuadorian subscribes to around the country play a significant role in influencing the demeanor of the citizenry (Torre & Striffler, 2008, p. 12). For one to conduct business with someone in this country, it would, therefore, be vital if the acknowledged the importance of family to these people and ensured that they do not offend them in any way. Additionally, marital roles have played a huge role in informing the Ecuadorian culture. Men are family heads tasked with providing for their families. Women are tasked with taking care of the family and ensuring that all the children, although this trend is beginning to change due to gender equality. Men and women both make these ascribed roles seriously, abiding by them and ensuring that they also try to instill them in their offspring (Leonard & Lugo-Lugo, 2015, p. 67) To some extent, the culture in Ecuador is also influenced by cinema and television. Globalization has been responsible for the perpetuation of motion pictures that reach a much more comprehensive audience than they did at the onset and in turn influencing their audience worldwide.

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