Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Management And Empowerment – Verizon Wireless

Customer Empowerment.

It involves creating awareness to people about a certain product, idea or service. Verizon Wireless enables customers to take full control of what is pre-determined by its marketers. It includes information about the product or service, how to access it, exposure to clear advertisements and even prices. Marketers believe that increasing publicity to a product enables positive interests to the same product or service hence higher chances of purchasing it. However, too much exposure limits the expected relevance of marketing and customers may stop paying consideration to the product and ignore any advertisements about it (Li & Bernoff, 2011). These might create a notion to the consumer that the use of the product is holding them captive creating a negative effect. While creating consumer empowerments, marketers should consider the reactions and feelings of the product use by the customers. Verizon partners with Medallia, to capture feedback from customers from places where they are through contact center channels, social mobile and across web. This way, the company understands the feedbacks takes the necessary action in time.

Customer Satisfaction

With the increasing competitions, entrepreneurs are forced to pay more attention to satisfying their customers by providing efficient customer service. At Verizon Wireless, customers can express their dissatisfaction about the company through many ways. For example, the use of feedback channels, especially when buying online, these are sites at the end of a sale requesting for any information about the shopping experience in the company. Sometimes these can be promoted by requesting shoppers to log on the sites in exchange for rewards (Gitomer, 2011). Customer dissatisfaction can also be expressed through online surveys about the company, showing indicators of how customers respond about shopping in the company. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company should have good quality products and services that are fit for use by all people. Honesty and integrity should be part of the company policy, and made a routine that customers interests are considered first, not making profits. The response time to customers’ complaints should be the shortest, and solving the problems done with immediate effects. The other way is setting realistic customer expectations, for example, when they are promised rewards after purchasing a product, it should be done willingly. Finally, Verizon ensures that everyone in the company has love and respect for all customers.

Customer Relationship Management

This is a move towards managing the company’s interaction with current and future customers. The strategy analyses information about customer’s relationship with the company in order to come up with ways of improving the relationships that benefit both the company and the customers. It improves customers loyalty, reduces complaints and possibilities of defections. Verizon Wireless has a good customer relationship management strategy that has helped in increasing its sales and marketability (Li & Bernoff, 2011). It is shown by how the company is helping its customers spend less when purchasing from them. It started a system that prorates its termination fees, and how the company was moving from being a fee-based to a relationship –based firm. It also promotes its customer relations by guaranteeing customers who prefer using online means to pay their bills that they will receive emails to establish if the price plan better suits their usage demands.

Customer privacy

Verizon Wireless is dedicated to shielding the privacy of its customers. It is designed in a manner that explains how the company collects its data, uses the records, and many options on how the customer can access and use the information (Gitomer, 2011). It has methodological, organizational and physical measures in place that safeguards unauthorized access to, use or disclosure of customer’s information. Therefore, the privacy of customers, shows Verizon’s commitment to sustaining meaningful and strong protections of privacy.

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