Mission Statement Analysis – Southwest Airlines Vs Starbucks Company

Mission Statement Analysis

This assignment will analyze Southwest Airlines and Starbucks Company mission statements from the viewpoint of servant leadership. The mission statement guides the objectives and goals that are utilized in running the organization.

American Starbucks focuses on giving their clients a high-quality commodity (clients). Therefore, the employees that are hired and retained in the company have high financial expertise. The expertise should be not just theoretical but applicable to the real cases that the company represents.

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Southwest Airlines has specific mission statements to cater to their critical stakeholders; both internal and external.The stakeholders include employees, communities and the earth.

While Southwest Airlines has specific guidelines on ensuring their different sector stakeholder are catered to, Starbucks Company short but direct goals for the different sectors of their stakeholders in their mission statement.

Both Starbucks and Southwest Airlines have a high focus on customer focus to ensure that it is continuous. Even after making profits, these two companies continue to reinvent themselves in the manner in which they can meet the ever-changing client needs.

Both Starbucks and Southwest Airlines have a culture that promotes constant and consistent change in their organization.

Both Starbucks and Southwest Airlines have been able to expand their businesses based on the clients that they get from their focus on customer service.


While Starbucks first priority is customers, that of Southwest Airlines is employees. Southwest airlines give employees equal opportunity to so that they can work hard with the freedom of a prejudice mentality. Traditionally, individuals might have been able to get positions at their workplace based on their gender or affiliation. However, at Southwest airlines, there is an explicit statement on equal treatment of employees. This contributes to the right attitude at work because employees have the confidence that they can grow while working at the company (Minsker, 2015).

The failure to provide a specific mission statement related to the treatment of employees at Starbucks might contribute to poor motivation levels. Employees do not have specific objectives related to their growth in the organization that they can tailor their actions to (Investment Weekly News, 2011).

Servant leadership principles

Southwest airlines are specific in their focus of prioritizing their employees in the organization.The organization specifies that employees are critical to the functioning of the organization. Therefore, the leaders of the organization believe in finding out about the goals and parameters that motivate individuals (Muduli& Vinita, 2011).

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The employees are encouraged to be engaged all the time in regards to ensuring that clients’ needs are fully catered to. Therefore, the leaders encourage employees to channel friendliness and warmth to the organization’s clients.

Public reputation

Starbucks is highly focused on being ethical in their delivery of quality services to their clients. Their business is also focused on expanding and opening up new outlets in different locations in the country and even in emerging markets. Starbucks staff members are known to be warm and friendly, which contributes to the outlets’ customers feeling appreciated. The service contributes to a high level of benchmarking for the company in comparison to its competitors in the food and beverages industry.

Southwest Airlines have a reputation of being friendly and customer focused. They have been able to maximize on customer referrals and customers that return to the company. Southwest airlines also have a reputation for high levels of social and corporate responsibility. Clients appreciate companies that portray responsibility in their endeavors to making money and increasing their market share in their industry.

Starbucks does not have specific information about their stakeholders on their mission statement. Southwest airlines emphasizes on the importance for a balance between their employees, members of the community and corporate organizations. The balance between these different institutions contributes to harmony and improvement in the airline’s financial viability. If the stakeholders have confidence in the services given by an organization, they are likely to respond positively to matters related to finances that would improve the company’s financial position.

Demonstration of values

Southwest Airlines charge low costs to their employees but are still able to remain profitable. The reason lies behind focus on the needs of the employees so that they can cater to those of the clients. Pilots, cabin crews and other air travel staff members at the organization go an extra mile to cater to client needs. Clients appreciate the service at Southwest Airlines because they are made to feel that they get the value of what they spend at the company. Clients are ready to spend their money in a company where they know they can consistently get good services.

Starbucks has a similar approach to customerservice whereby employees are warm to clients to ensure that they feel appreciated for the money that they spend. Even though other coffee outlets may sell better quality coffee, they might not have high quality customer service. Therefore, Starbucks Company canmaximize on the attention that they give to their clients (Gallaugher&Ransbotham, 2010).

Improvement of current mission

To increase their customers especially when benchmarked to their employees, Starbucks should increase the focus that they give to their employees. Employees are likely to volunteer in delivering high quality service if they are given exceptional attention and focus. The mission statements should have a higher focus on how the organization would align the personal objectives of the employees to ensuring meeting customer needs. Starbucks employees should have a first priority in positions that become vacant in the organization. Such knowledge and establishment of policies would increase employees’ loyalty to the organization.

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