Working Conditions Women And Children Faced After The Depression Of The 1890s

Depression simply means thefeeling of being unhappy andalways a person feels the state of beinghopeless for the future, inthis case, during the year of 1890 under the new administration in the United States, most womanandchildren of the faced depression which further resulted to failure of businessbecause of dissatisfaction,most people lost their jobs hence most of the families were left in absolute poverty,

Depression  affected the prosperity  in 1890s ,it resulted to a great decline in the economy,for instance the young children  and woman who hadsecured jobs  working were paid low wages  which  they wouldn’t afford sustain theirdaily basic needs,(Millar and Gardiner,2004).This later affected the country’s economy since theproduced goods were not fully consumed  because of  high rocketingprices ,the unconsumed and unsold productsweakened the economy.

Moreover, the rate of depression boldly affected woman and children intheOakland village in California.Mostresident working both in the farms and industries lived along the sewer lines fullof discarded garbage, children who could notafford food had to scavenge on the leftovers of the groceries which posed a hazard to their health

Woman also were  seen as the best managers in the family, depressed woman often affected their childrensince they could not  divorce their childrensince it was  acritical  stage where child needed their  mothers love and attention.(Wilson,1995),

In 1892,the government  formulated the policies that could help to reduce the menace  the significant aspect of the policieshelped bring a good working environment  together with  families and  children  to have financial support which improved the  mothers ability  to protect  theirchildren.. The governmentfurther startedon programs on how to address the quality and sufficient resourcesneeded for a comfortable stay.(Tiggerman,&Winefield, 2004), ‘

Inconclusion,toreduce the depression there isneed to demonstrate a clear linkthat promotes woman and children so that they can be able to exploit andrealize their potentials in the society and contribute unanimously to development.

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