Deaf Culture Research Paper

Deafness can be simply define as a form of  an impairment that is associated with partially hearing problem whereas the deaf culture is means a composition of learned behave like the believes or norms that are shared among the  members of the group. It si the culture of the deaf people and mostly use then  American sign language, they always  haves their regulations of their interaction According to Ben  Baham (1989), deaf people are  people who have the same qualities in relation to the normal people since the impairments only affects the ears and not the eyes. Therefore ,there is need to be celebrated rather than segregated  because their visual is upright. Their main study of this individuals are the visual. The community and the professionals are described as the key access in giving them more knowledge   through the sign language individuals always  with  good sign language  play a vital role (markku jokinen,2001)

In most cases the deaf people  emphasizes the movement ,body and eyes especially in communicating. According to Hillary(1974) he perceived that the deaf community comprise of all those members who interact together for the  one purpose hence the culture of the deaf  is close than deaf Community because we all use the sign language when engaging  with the deaf groups ,Normally they share the norms/practices of deaf amongst themselves and the others who are not deaf.

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