The Development of the Two Party System in the US

The two major political parties in the U.S. today, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, did not exist at the time the Constitution was drafted and ratified. Various issues led to the development of these political parties, some of which are pertinent to politics, even today.

In this assignment, you will examine the development of the two-party system. You will have the opportunity to analyze the American need and desire to have opposing views.

Based on your research and analysis of the readings for this module, respond to the following:

  • What issues led to the rise of the Jefferson-Republican party in the 1790s?
  • What mistakes were made by the Federalists that allowed the Republican Party to succeed?
  • What issues that were controversial in the 1790s remain controversial today?
  • Do you think partisan politics is a good method for solving the nation’s problems and advancing the nation’s interests? In the present two-party system, what impact do minor parties have on specific issues in recent elections?
  • How have the Democratic and Republican Parties implemented these issues into their party platform?

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The Rise of The Two Major Political Parties In The U.S.

The Republican Party’s early 1800s political theory of “Jeffersonian Republicanism,” which advocated for a small national government and lower federal spending, was known as Jeffersonian Republicanism. There were both costs and benefits to this political philosophy, as there are too many others. Political parties began to arise during the fight over the ratification of the federal Constitution in 1787. As the debate shifted from the formation of a new federal government to the matter of its power, it became increasingly numerous (Library of Congress, 2022).

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By highlighting the problems of the North, the federalists contributed to a rise in neo-Semitism. Because of this, the anti-federalists became a Southern political force. Last but not least, they were unable to unite their fans. This resulted in the formation of new parties.

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According to the Library of Congress (2022), the Hamilton financial plan, which had long-term aspirations of making the United States a significant commercial and military force, was contentious in the 1790s and remains controversial today. There were five essential aspects to Hamilton’s financial plan: creating creditworthiness by accepting state debt, establishing new national debt, setting up a bank of the U.S., and taxing whiskey manufacturers. Financers, manufacturers, and retailers were all on board with this strategy. This alarmed many who felt that the new nation’s future depended on establishing itself on a new course of development altogether. This sowed discord among political parties in the United States due to the country’s military debt. By substituting deflated war bonds for interest-bearing bonds, Federalists claimed that the government would solve the problem. There was a strong desire for a national bank and army among the Federalist Party’s more radical members. The concept of tight vs. broad interpretation of the Constitution.

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According to the Federalists, freedom was dangerous in the hands of the “common people,” and that power should be reserved for the few, and the United States should realign itself with Britain. When it came to self-governance, Republicans were more confident in their abilities, and they thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to form links with France. Farmers in Pennsylvania attempted to end a new tax on distilled spirits during the Whiskey Rebellion, beginning a rebellion. When George Washington led 13,000 men to end any insurrection, the rebels offered no opposition, and the crisis was quickly resolved. Modern politics also included discussions of women’s rights (Library of Congress, 2022).

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Partisan politics, I believe, is an effective strategy for resolving national issues and furthering national objectives since it has produced Government stability is attributed to the two-party system, in which a single party can achieve a majority in the parliament and take control of the government. On the other hand, Multiparty countries necessitate a coalition of parties strong enough to create a majority in the House of Representatives to form a government (Eldersveld & Walton, 2018). The stability of a government in power may be jeopardized if the links that hold it together become weak. It has been argued that the strength of the United States government does not just owe to its party system but rather because of the president’s set term and powerful constitutional position.

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These concerns were incorporated into the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties by reducing the abuse of political rivalry. If a party wants to win over a majority of the electorate, it must propose a platform in line with most people’s political preferences. An effort must be made to create such a program to reconcile the conflicting interests of diverse population sectors. As a result, if necessary, the party may fend off demands that it unconditionally support the policies advocated by any given radical faction. When it comes to running for office, the party is effectively a political partnership.

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