Donald Trump’s Call to Monitor Polls Raises Fears of Intimidation – Article Summary

Donald Trump has made claims that the upcoming U.S.A elections are going to be rigged. He called upon his supports to come out in numbers and help monitor the polling stations and told them it is important for them to come out in large numbers and ensure they are vigilant against the widespread voter rigging and fraud. He claimed that voter rigging is quite common and that he is being criticized for saying that. He went ahead to mention some of the states that he suspects might face vote rigging. Chicago, St. Louis and Philadelphia are among the states that were mentioned.

The language he used has brought forth fears of intimidation among the minorities as they fear that they could be challenged on their qualifications to vote. Their however has been no signs of any waves of his poll watchers building up. This is because there seems to be no organization behind it. President Obama has however rebuked these accusations saying that it not logical for him to make accusations of election rigging when the elections have not been held yet. Different people especially Democrats have given their views about this. One of the democrats, Lisa Deeley, noted that she feared that the Trump supporters might gather at polling stations and jeer voters. Most officials claimed that Trump’s claims were totally groundless.

My opinion about this is that Donald Trump is totally making void accusations. These accusations are very risky because they could steer worries and violence just in case he loses in the elections. Every candidate has got two chances either to win or to lose the elections. If he doesn’t win, he might go forth and claim that the elections were rigged just like he had mentioned earlier. This could steer violence among his supporters against Clinton’s supporters. I feel he should make claims basing on evidence he has gathered and he should be very careful with anything he says now as they might have irreversible impacts later.

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