Driving and Restraining Forces of a Change I Would Like to Make in My Life

Analyze the driving and restraining forces of a change you would like to make in your life.

Every person at a specific point may want to bring forth a particular change in their lives. In my case, I have been in employment for quite some time and my change is that I would wish to start my own business and after it has proved to do well, I would wish to quit my job then. The business am interested in involves the starting of a real estate which has proved to be one of the most stable businesses in the country at the moment.

One of the driving forces that is quite encouraging for me to start this business is that this business requires a lot of input in the beginning. Thereafter, the amount of input is quite minimal as the building starts operations and are occupied. The only cash that is needed is mainly for little maintenance cases but the profit is remarkable. Another driving force is that the availability of land is not quite hard. The suitable location for the placement of the business is quite easy to get as long as the finances needed are in place.

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On the other hand, the constraints that are holding me back from achieving this goals is mainly finances. The land for the business is easily available but the prizes are too high and not affordable. As much as I have been saving, I cannot be able to afford the cost of the land as well as the building cost. The amount of input required for the construction after the acquisition of land is as well too high. This is because most areas have designated building codes and one cannot build anything affordable but have to adhere to the building codes.

Do you believe understanding force-field analysis can help you more effectively implement a significant change in your own behavior?

Force-field analysis is a decision making technique which is deemed to be very useful. It helps one in making a decision by making analysis of the forces against and for change and helps one in the communication of the reasoning behind their decision (Lewin, 1946). This techniques can be utilized for two purposes: to make a decision as to whether it is worth it to go ahead with the decision for change and secondly, to increase the chances one could have for success (Zand, 1995). This is basically by ensuring the forces are strengthened, supporting the implementation of the change as well as weakening the forces that are against it.

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In this situation, I believe that this could help me make a better decision about the change. I can be able to do an analysis on whether the change can be beneficial in the long-run compared to the cost that I may be inputting at present. This tool can also help me in the getting the ways that the change can be successful at the long run and thus minimizing the losses. Thus, this technique instills positive thinking and helps one to be a go getter and not base entirely on the negatives but the positive sides as well.

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