Strategy Formulation And Strategy Implementation

Strategy formulation is the situation whereby an organization makes use of the most suitable courses of action in order to achieve the goals that it has defined (Pearce, Robinson, & Subramanian, 2000). Strategy implementation on the other hand is the considered to be very critical to the success of a company. It addresses the questions, who, when where as well as how an organization can be able to achieve its desired objectives and goals. Its puts its focus on the entire organization. Implementation of the strategies takes place after SWOT analyses, Environmental scans as well as the identification of the strategic goals and issues (Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick, Mayer & Johnson, 2009)

On my own view, Strategy formulation is first and foremost the most important between the two. This is because this is where all the planning is carried out before implementation is undertaken. These two are dependent on each other. This is because in order for any organization to be able to achieve its objectives, they need to not only formulate their strategies but also to implement them. This is because, when both are utilized together, success is likely to be the outcome of this. This will only be so if this is done appropriately.

In a situation whereby a poor strategy that was set has been implemented well, the situation leads to what we can refer to as Roulette. In situations whereby an appropriately set strategy has been implemented wrongly, this will lead to trouble. Finally, when a poorly set strategy is implemented poorly, then ultimate outcome in failure. This thus shows evidently that these two are dependent on each other. Thus, to carry out a diagnosis of the reason for failure of a strategy in trouble, roulette and failure cells need the analysis of both the implementation as well as formulation strategies (Pearce et al 2000).

It is hardly possible to implement strategies before formulating them. This is because strategy formulation involves the placement of the forces before the action is undertaken (Pearce et al 2000). When you implement strategies before formulating them, then it would mean first of all that you may not have the strategies to implement as you would not have formulated them in the first place. It is thus advisable to follow the required procedure of how to handle this.

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