Early Humans And Their Architectural Skills

The early people developed architectural skills to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions at night, wild animals, and civil wars. The early human’s decided to settle down in one place and stop moving, and this is where the idea of building a home, making a fire to withstand the cold climate and making clothes of a different kind of weather developed (Olgyay P.92).

With hunting and gathering the early human beings developed a camp on a beach where they build a large hut consisting of a ring of stones, an oval palisade of saplings stuck which were brought together to form a roof where they hid their food and settled in during freezing weather (Salama P. 115). Through this, it developed a sense of need for shelter by the early man. The early people of Natufians build circular huts which resemble our modern ideal homes where they lived in during cold nights. The hunters and gatherers of Mezhirich created their huts using mammoth bones to act as wood since they were on the treeless region and there was a need to shelter themselves from the advancing cold weather (Aliakseyeu P. 530).

The early humans also build occasional caves which they hide themselves in during freezing temperatures. They used flints to cover the caves and lean branches of many trees to create a V-shape of a natural tent which was held on the ground firmly by stones (Salama P. 120). This idea was developed as the need of protecting them from the harsh blowing weather. From the development of the tents, the early human generated the need to build houses and started with round houses where the roof was a tent style, a pyramidal structure of branches and mud and prevented themselves from the rain.

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