Elementary Statistics 10th Edition By Allan G Bluman

Statistics Demystified: A Review of Allan G Bluman’s Elementary Statistics 10th Edition

Statistics has over the past four decades proven to be an integral academic discipline and is now a major requirement for a substantial number of undergraduate majors. There is no doubt that statistics often ranks among the most unpopular classes in universities with some even admitting that it is the bane of their existence. In the tenth edition of Allan G Bluman’s Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach, the author seeks to aid students to gain a deeper understanding of this course by using a non-theoretical approach as an educational tool. Allan G. Bluman does a superb job at bringing these statistical conundrums into perspective, more so due to the fact that he has been a professor of mathematics for four decades, in addition to lecturing education statistics modules. In this particular edition, Professor Bluman endeavors to simplify statistical tenets into an approach that will eventually fit an assortment of pedagogical orientations widely used in academia.

The primary objective is to maximize student’s outcome by crafting a paradigm shift from computational, to one that is more conceptual in nature. Numerous case studies by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the widely acclaimed American Statistical Association have been vocal about the application of a conceptual approach in teaching. Moreover, the perks of this book are in its easy-to-read and simplified content meant to ensure that students have an easier time grasping the fundamentals of statistics. Making a connection with the material taught in statistical courses is usually the foundation of establishing an in-depth comprehension of the module. With this book, Professor Bluman seeks to change the attitudes that students and educators alike have held about statistical complexity by sampling the concepts while also ensuring that they are organized logically.

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