Emerging Trends in Health Care And Their Challenges

The healthcare organizations have been changing with time. The two most identifiable emerging trends in the healthcare include person-centric healthcare and self-management healthcare. The healthcare is experiencing a shift from patient-centered healthcare to person-centric healthcare. In this case, the design opportunity and challenge in healthcare is to put the individual as an active agent in every healthcare aspect, from the treatment and delivery to the promotion. The main aim is designing for an individual instead of designing for a patient. The focus is on enhancing individual’s life quality and health (Tsekleves & Cooper, 2017). The marketers in this case should focus on adopting the marketing strategies that are not brand oriented but person oriented. This includes marketing strategies that are more informative and educative to the customers. The marketing should be done using blogs and websites that provide this opportunity.

Self-management healthcare is a trend initiated by the economic burden especially on the aging population and also by the advancement of the technology that enhance effective communication and the development of personal medical devices that one can use to manage and monitor their health. This is pushing various healthcare organization to adopt e-health services that focus on providing more information on management of various medical conditions especially the chronic conditions, and accessing physicians or medical specialist guidance in enhancing personal care and accessing healthcare services only when need.  The main challenge associated with this new trend is the need for intelligence and knowledge in handling technologies created to enhance self-management (Tsekleves& Cooper, 2017). To handle this, the healthcare marketers should take an initiative of informing patients on the existence of these technologies and educate them on their use. They should also make these technologies available or accessible to the patients to be able to complete this design effectively.

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