Employee Development Methods And Their Benefits

Mentoring and coaching is an important approach towards developing the employees. As such, different employees are placed under mentors or coaches who are well versed with the business operations of the company and can thus guide the employees to better their performance by learning from the experience of the expert workers in the company. Some benefits of coaching are better problem-solving approaches, improved communication among employees and management and better quantity and quality of work.

Promotion of employees further adds to the motivation of employees to work harder. Promotion mostly recognizes an employee’s effort in the company and helps the company to retain workers who are better performers while at the same time developing their skills to enable them to work at their new positions (Lussier & Hendon, 2013). Therefore, the benefit of promotion is to train qualified and excellent staff who can help the company to perform optimally and help further the organization’s success.

Enrichment of employees’ jobs can further assist in developing their skills and developing them for the benefit of the company. Job enrichment has the benefit of increasing the responsibility and authority of the employee at their present position. Some enrichment tasks employees can be given are serving on different teams, special assignments, and committee work. Other benefits for job enrichment are motivation for employees and increased interests in their jobs as they try out different skills in new tasks apart from their daily work.

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