ENG 120 Course – All Discussions With Sample Answers

ENG 120 Unit 1 Discussion –  Paraphrasing

Read through the abstract of ” Do First-Year University Students Know What to Expect from Their First-Year Writing Intensive Course?”
First, paraphrase the abstract into your own words and include an in-text citation and reference.

After writing your initial paraphrase, answer the following questions about your classmates paraphrases: (in a paragraph or more)

  • What is the main idea of the paraphrase?
  • What suggestions can you give to improve the paraphrase?
  • Was the in-text citation correctly written in APA?
  • Was this paraphrase easier to understand than the original passage? Why or why not?

ENG 120 Unit 2 Discussion : Artificial Intelligence

After reading the articles, answer the following:

  • How has Artificial Intelligence directly affected your life over the past few years?
  • What is your future career? Do you believe that this career can be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?
  • Justify your answer by finding one credible source and using at least one quotation in your response.
  • What are some of the possible consequences of jobs being replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

ENG 120 Unit 3 Discussion – Movie Critique

Read through some movie reviews on a few sites from Roger Ebert, The New York Times, and Yahoo Movies.
Then, choose a movie that you have recently watched and write a two paragraph critique of the movie. Remember to be objective (no “I”, “we”, “you”) and include supporting details from the movie to follow your theis describing the positives or negatives of the movie.

ENG 120 Unit 4 Discussion – Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants

Classify yourself as a digital immigrant or a digital native. Use one credible source to support this claim. Then, answer the following:

  • What is your current age? Does this affect how you classify yourself?
  • If age does not matter in classifying yourself, then what other qualities could help explain why you chose to classify yourself as such?
  • What predictions can you make about digital natives and digital immigrants in the future?
  • Is one group at a disadvantage more than the other? Why?

ENG 120 Unit 5 Discussion – Developing an Argument

After choosing your position from one of the topics listed in the assignment overview, find two scholarly sources to support your position. In two paragraphs of five to seven sentences, compare and contrast the points in each article to develop your position on the topic.
After posting your initial response by Wednesday at midnight, respond to at least two of your classmates by Sunday with the following:

  • Find one scholarly source with an opposing point of view and write one paragraph developing an argument against the original argument
  • Remember that this argument should be logical, follow APA guidelines with in-text citations and references, and should oppose the arguments of your classmates
  • This is not a time to fight about what is right or wrong, but to show how you can argue for or against any topic no matter what you believe

ENG 120 Unit 6 Discussion – Research Essay

Write one paragraph answering the following about your research essay:

  • Why did you choose your topic and narrowed topic?
  • What about your topic will be of interest to your audience? Share one interesting fact that you have found so far to support your thesis. Remember to use an in-text citation and reference.
  • From your research, what is the most surprising fact that you have learned about your topic?
  • What type of information do you still need to find to finish your research essay?
  • What has the hardest part of the research process been so far?
  • After writing your paragraph, respond to two other posts by addressing the following:

Using scholarly sources (The Library tab in Blackboard), find one source relevant to your classmates’ topic and share the link.After reading the article, write a short paragraph explaining why this source would support their topic.

ENG 120 Unit 7 Discussion – The Revision Process

After writing essays for the past seven weeks, read through the articles on the writing process. Choose one reading to summarize in a short paragraph including an in-text citation and a reference. Then, ask a question at the end of your post about the revision process relating to the readings.

ENG 120 Unit 8 Discussion – Obedience to Authority

After watching the Stanford Prison Experiment video, choose what role you would rather play in the experiment. Explain the reasoning for your answer. What does this show about your personality related to authority and obedience?

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