ENGL 1301 – Critique Essay on Hargray Cable

Hargray Communication is a telecommunication company that provide wireless communication, VoIP, internet services and cable television across South Carolina Low-country area and Savanna part of Georgia. The company has been in operation since 1949 and even after being in business for so long, the company has never learnt on the importance of consumers or customers to their business. Normally, companies treasures their customers to ensure their high level of retention and referral as a way of reducing their marketing cost. However, this is not always the case especially when the company operate in a monopoly market. This has been the case of Hargray while providing its business to Savanna parts of Georgia and Low-country parts of California (Pissed Consumer, 2015).

Hargray Communication has recently earned a reputation of increasing its television charges month after another. The company’s television customers have been receiving a higher bill every month despite the change of quality on the negative side. The company is providing low quality images which can hang or freeze at any time even during popular event such as football tournament or national event. This makes it clear to the consumer that the company only focuses on generating more revenue by increasing its charges and cutting on the operation or transmission cost required to enhance signal quality. Although the customers can feel the oppression and exploitation, they are left with no option than to comply with higher charges since Hargray is the only company with a well-developed TV and telephone infrastructure in the two identified regions (City-data, 2015).

Television is not the only company’s services that is experiencing low quality and increased cost problem. The company has recently interfered with the quality of its internet services. Customers are currently receiving a lower bandwidth than they are paying for. The internet services is extremely slow such that customers cannot depend on it for anything useful especially streaming videos or playing video games online. It takes quite long to connect a Laptop with the company’s Wi-Fi, moreover, when one needs assistance from their site, it takes much longer timer to load their homepage as compared to other homepages. A lot of complains have been raised online in different platforms including a Facebook page to mock the company (Facebook, 2015). However, despite of the outrageous reaction of its customers, the company has not provided any official statement regarding the matter nor has it considered addressing the situation. The company is still continuing enjoying the advantage of monopoly in the region even when the customers are highly aware of the poor quality, an aspect that may highly attract a competitor in the region (Yelp, 2015).

Another major problem with the company is their form of contract. The company has a contract of minimum of 1 year or 12 months. This simply implies that one has to make a whole year payment to observe the contract even when one is not satisfied with their services or even when one does not wish to stay in the region for such a long time. They do not have packages for a shorter duration, an aspect that inconveniences a number of businessperson, students or any other person who wishes to use their services for less than 12 months.

Hargray is an old company which has been into the market for so long. However, despite of the experience, the company has greatly failed in attracting, serving and retaining its customers. In this regard, most customers are refusing to renew their contract with the company while others are already considering signing a contract with any other available company with intention of breaking the Hargray contract prematurely due to inability to meet the terms of the contract. In this regard, it is highly recommendable that any individual wishing to live in the two identified areas to consider signing a communication contract with any other company other than Hargray.

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