Error Dandling During Transmission of Segmented Packets

Handling errors arising during the transmission of packets takes place in various steps. One of the identified steps includes obtaining a request of a transaction from a communication device available at a switch before transmitting it through the network via a corresponding communication device. The second step to consider includes receiving the response from the communication device available at a switch and transmitting the response through an initiator available at a communication device on the network. Later, if an error is detected during transmission, a termination process is carried out where an error message is sent to the initiator from the switch other than the device that responds to the communication device.

Checksum is one of the methods of error detection. Checksum is computed by providing a sum of each individual byte and utilizing the carry as an addend. Levy (2008) states that it is easy to compute checksums when an individual wants to detect errors. The main disadvantage associated with the method is the fact that the technique does not detect simple errors for instance; errors involving reverse values cannot be easily detected when utilizing the checksum method. Cyclic redundancy method is also an important method that can be used in detecting errors during transmission. This method is based on the idea that each word can be interpreted to act as a polynomial. Cyclic redundancy is known to provide superior checksums and detect a greater deal of errors through computations.

Forward recovery method is also utilized in error detection. Through the use of the technique, extra bits are utilized to ascertain the possibility of detecting any existing errors besides as well as conduct a recovery from the errors without implementing any form of data retransmission. In the past, forward error recovery was referred to as error correction due to the fact that the technique could identify where the errors were and correct them without calling for a new process of data transmission. Having this in mind, it is evident that the process is time saving and reliable due to the fact that the method achieves two functionalities at the same time.

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