The Mindset of Mechanistic Organizations

Explain your thoughts on how the mechanistic organization mindset became so ingrained in the business world.

The underlying principle of the mechanistic organization mindset is that management practices and theories based on metaphors, which leads us to comprehend situations in powerful, yet in limited or partial ways. Consequently, to attain significant efficiency, managers need to be competent in developing action strategies, which are dependable with their insights (Bolman, & Deal, 2013). Also, managers should be skillful at leading organizations from diverse perspectives. Conversely, managers who are experts in leading organizational life, have the faculty and power to remain flexible, open, and have the capability to shelve immediate judgments until a more inclusive view of the situation arises.

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Next, explain what in the evolution of management theory and practice has raised the need for change.

The metaphor is a fundamental force where individuals create meaning through using one component of experience to comprehend another experience (Morgan, 2006). As a consequence, the evolution of the management theory and practices has caused changes as metaphors offer a chance opportunity to intensify our understanding, and extend our thinking capacity. These permit us to act in a new way and see things in a new way.  Conversely, metaphors are a technique for creating change, which leads to individuals understanding and identifying the management of an organization.

Then, explain the strengths and limitations of the machine metaphor.

Often, metaphors are biased, and one sided, which can be deceptive. For instance, approaching a situation in diverse ways, metaphors enlarge insight and propose actions, which earlier they were not possible. Nonetheless, the intellect and ideas produced by various metaphors are not only theoretical but also practical (Bolman, & Deal, 2013). Apparently, metaphors create new metaphors that result in a variety of complementing and competing insights, and always frame what we perceive. Conversely, when metaphors are taken to the extreme, they have some limitations as they distort information. However, they lead to reliability, efficiency, accuracy, regularity, and transparency.

 Finally, explain an alternative structure of a mechanistic organization.

An alternative structure of a mechanistic organization is the practical implications of open-systems (Morgan, 2006). The open-system theory highlights the significance of an environment where the organization exists. Consequently, the open-system approach motivates individuals and the management to set up alignments and eventualities linking various systems, recognize, and eradicate potential dysfunctions.

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