Samsung Strategic Human Resource Management Plan

Samsung is an independent company which deals with electronics of all kind mostly is one of the most popular brands in the market as per now. Every company has a human resource planning strategy and so does Samsung. Human resource planning is the process that basically identifies both the current & the future human resources needs for a particular organization so as to achieve its goals and objectives. The human resource planning serves as a link that connects human resource management and the strategy planning for that organization(Bryson, 2011).

Samsung has been using the Japanese style of management System upto the 1980’s. In thre1990’s, the American style was added into the system which was as a result of the success of the semi-conductor business(Jae- Yon. S. 2013). It kept the Japanese style of management at the same time. It worked to secure that the core talent employees both from the inside and outside the organization.

One of its HR plans is that they changed the coexistence of merit-based & seniority-based promotion and compensation as well as compensation  from promotion, compensation & seniority based system in the past (Jae- Yon. S. 2013).

Samsung is structuring its human resource plan so as to cut on costs by 10% at its headquarters at its headquarters. This is attributed to the decline of the market value of their products. The company has also opted to freeze all the wages of the workers based in South Korea. This is also due to the trouble it faces in the market. The competition from the Chinese companies which have come up has been quite a disturbing factor and are taking control of the market. This also led to a reduction in the force(Jae- Yon. S. 2013).

Among the Strategic Human Resource Management plans, increased retirement. This is because the rate of retirement is decreasing since people are able to work for longer years than in the past. The company thus has experienced very minimal retirement of their staffs. This has not been a major problem to them.

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