Ethics In Judges

The court magistrate should not borrow money from the employees, it is unethical. The employees stand a chance to be compelled to be too nice and allow the magistrate to continue borrowing money in order to keep their jobs. They could also be compelled to comply due to the fear for retribution could they fail to do so. A judge should with great level uphold integrity and independence.  It is ethical for a judge to refrain from any political activity. He or she should not make speeches for political organizations or at worse publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for a public office. This is according to the canon 5 of the codes and conduct for the state judges.

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In the court chambers, the judge is expected to perform or engage in activities that are exclusively judicial. It is therefore very unethical to engage in personal business in the court chambers. The judge can however engage in extrajudicial activities but the activities must be consistent with the judicial office obligations. The judge has the mandate to direct the court employees to perform duties for him but these duties must also be in consistence to the judicial obligations not personal errands. It is unethical therefore for the judge to burden the court employees with the own personal errands during court hours. The magistrate should perform the duties of the office fairly, diligently and persistently according to canon 3 of the codes of conducts for the states judges. Preventing a defendant from filing pleadings in an ongoing case by shutting down early would therefore go against the canon that renders it unethical.

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Taking kickbacks from private juvenile detention facilities for questionable act of locking up more juveniles is an extra activity that is indeed in consistence with the judicial obligations. The judge has the right to engage in any extrajudicial activity that upholds the judicial obligations. A court magistrate has the right to ban an attorney from speaking in a case if the attorney violates the court rules. The act will be ethical and an intervention in ensuring order in the court of law. Still in maintaining of order and voice of command, the judge has the right to jail anyone in the court room who violates the court room’s ground basic rules like phones. Whenever a phone rings, the judge must ensure that there is a claim of responsibility at whatever cost. Jailing of an entire court room may be one of the costs to achieving this as deemed fit by the judge.

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It is unethical for judges to make suggestions for defendants to make a charitable contribution as way of paying fine.  According to the judicial ethics committees and judicial conduct organizations, they have urged judges to discontinue with such acts after criticism and ethical analysis that originated from judge Ratliff’s concerns.

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