Evaluability of Assessment – Formative And Summative Evaluation

Evaluation is a fundamental aspect of   identifying  whether the project has  made its desired objectives, in other terms, it is the  most important  activity  that has enabled community projects to evolve and to have the sustainability, hence  it aids in promoting the  a social change program within  the society, therefore, evaluation is absolutely  the  determination of effectiveness of a certain  subject or the program to see whether its goals have been achieved, more often, the  primary role of evaluation is to  enhance the accountability of the entire system.             According to Patton ,(2011). An organization tends to prefer independent evaluators    because its significant gives unbiased information on the subject that is being studied. In this scenario, there is also is low interest of independent evaluators, thus the results is absolutely good. in doing evaluation whether participatory or independent , the mode  process must be clearly understood ,in this case, the questions  to be asked must e clearly outlined, the source of information  will  help to determine the appropriate data  that will be used  in the analysis process ,this  criteria forms a firm basis of  having defensible  answers in appraisal documents .

Formative evaluation

Formative evaluation is a form of appraisal   where the community project is done when the project is in the progress, it serve to promote the project since the changes can be rectified at an early stage. The program and the activities of planning are collected inform of data   which   is in line with the project framework so that the workers can early improve on the system.

Moreover, formative evaluation  begins during g the development of the project and continues through the entire process of its implementation, the main core is to give an ongoing  project its appropriate and smooth way  of  implementation and further supply   information  needed  to monitor the project ,for effective  feedback of evaluation, formative evaluation  can be conducted at several points of the  project to give an intent value and correction of the project ant an early stge.

Formative evaluation has two main components that is the progress evaluation and the implementation evaluation. it the implementation stage,  evaluation is done  to assess the  whether the project is being executed as expected in the  design, it may occur several  times during  the implementation, this form evaluation is popularly known as the process  appraisal.

On the other hand, progress evaluation is ultimately done to assess the progress on the project to ensure that it meets its desired goals. The scope of the progress evaluation entails collecting information  to form  a basis  of benchmarking  to reduce unexpected developments ,here this measure are majorly used by program staff to track the  and eliminate any fault hat arises from the project  that risks  the effectiveness of the program.

Summative Evaluation

It is the type of evaluation undertaken to asses’ mature projects to countercheck if it has met the intended goals. The impact of outcome is best determined by summative evaluation, it is  frequently  used to   address common  issues after the projects has been fully established .in most situations, summative evaluation  tries to collect information about the  outcomes, the activities and the strategies has  led to the implementation of the project.

It’s an appraisal based  on the  merit of the project and usually it is needed  to disseminate and convince  the donor to increase  the funding or material support towards the  project ,the intended role is to motivate the community  initiate other beneficial projects hence help to promote the efficiency of the summative evaluation ,external  evaluator might be used to  since they are  unbiased as they give the results in its initial stage as they found, they do not compromise any favor   to the organization or the parties involved , its validity  and conclusion are clearly manipulated hence giving  appropriate action by the stakeholders in policy formulation. (Harvey,2005).

In general, both the formative and the summative evaluation are geared towards the gathering information needed in the judgments of the project to ascertain the impact to the community felt needs. More in depth information supplied during evaluation are used to track the progress of the project. It plays a key role  in enabling the  community to  progress hence  giving   worth the  assessment of the project ,thus evaluation  is coherent  activity that tries to  effectively  enable the  attainment of the  objectives ,it systematically brings the relevance of the project especially  when it satisfies the need of the community. It provides a firm basis of management in taking the appropriate action or decisions in the formation the policies that will benefit the projects’ of the community.

The operational program  in the community needs to adopt appraisal techniques since it helps in counterchecking  whether the project is  cost effective which also  help  in the strengthening the initiated projects within the community. It is reliable and it provides valid reasons for seeking funding   with international potential donors, evaluation therefore gives confidence to donors that their resources will be effectively used rather than being wasted.

In addition ,over the decades, the demand of doing g evaluation  has been placed as a  key function by most of  organization  in the united states of America, it has been placed at the centre stage of  since its relevance has  greatly helped the community in accessing  the  relevant support by the donors. (Salmen,1987).  They give funding in support of  development programs thus it helps  boosting the accountability among the staff and the management in general  in ensuring that the resources allocated to the project is well used ,I summary , evaluation  Plays a key role in monitoring  and  reporting the process of effective  implementation. The management can choose to use any mode of evaluation whether formative or summative depending on  the nature of the project in the community.

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