Research Skills : Journal Writing

A journal is any form of written material that deals with the  a specific subject topic ,journals can be inform of magazine or newspaper, normally  a journal can be diary showing a series of events  of an individual thought  that concerns a given topic or field. For the past years, much attention has  been given to writing of  journals because more learners have accessed to higher institutions of learning and they rely on the written materials like  journal when conducting their study  research ,the journals give an in-depth understanding of the problem ,in general ,the large body of journals  focuses on the literature  hence e influence the students path of  learning, journals has  helped students  access to written  material hence eases the study of learners.

In addition, the written journals gives students variety of information that guide them on social issues, legal issues and even academic challenges that helps eliminate low grades. journal writing experience has served as  tool in  expressing ones feeling through a  range of writings, the emotional expression helps in  relieving stress thus promoting a positive wellbeing ,it’s  therefore  an outlet of  frustration and fear which  might affect an individual performance.

Journals is key factor since it sis reader centered way of understanding new knowledge in diverse fields. (Swales,2004),normally most of the journals  that are produces periodically are more of the academic  use, it entails a detailed findings in its  series of study. Here any library within the student learning have journals that have different categories like periodical tables, electronic resources and audio visual recordings, all this are primary produced to provide information necessary f for the community and study expand here understanding in different fields of their study hence cultivates s a balance collection of knowledge, the prevailing environment of journal information  play a critical role in  informing the  research findings. essentially ,the use o the journals gives an experience touch in several things  since they provide an image of  something and the ideas or thought of a certain person  throughout the experience of learning, journals outlines  a robust experience of  learning  sine it reflects on learning and the ability to communicate an individual  thinking through writing.

In qualitative research writing skills , the use of journals also facilitates  communication  that are designated to deal with the details of  research study, investment by   the researchers in  publishing journal  has received a tremendous support in the research industries  since the access to information discovery  has contributed  to  improvement in the society inform of  developments.( Pascarella, Salisbury & Blaich,2011).

The common skill during the journal writing is a reflective approach , in  has placed much emphasis on qualitative  investigation  since journals has  brought  much clear aims which makes the reader  construct precise points of arguments ,it has consciously  generated  positive values among the researchers  hence acknowledging  the experience of the previous scholars who   have magnificently helped  in the publishing  series of journals, individual  assumptions  and objectives have kept reflective journals  a common practice .the use of journal to  some degree helps reduce the  closeness of  a respondent, here the constructed  information contained in the journal gives a researcher  accurate information  required for the reference  rather than contradictory understanding  that might result from the interview process, here, interview would pose a number of  challenges   since the sum of interaction between  the researcher and the respondent is   determinate ,the a form of complex when engaging the conscious  and the unconscious feelings of the client  in most cases tend to lead to   unstable  sense of the reality.

Journal wring has  allowed more researchers to entirely rely on its data  since I has gone beyond boundaries in supplying the  data generated  through interviews, it further records decision s  made in the initial justification ,this approach has helped in giving  a coherent approach when dealing  with delicate issues that the respondent cannot give one on one response. journals therefore has enabled  the  making  of connections  used  in conceptualizing  the scope of he study. The use of journals has enabled most researchers to  visibly acknowledge the thoughts  used in the data generation  analysis, the experience of using journal   aid  the reduction  of quality and neat research.

According to Hyland, (2000), Journals has immensely contributed to the progress in the academia, the old means of conducting research  have been found  to be too slow and inadequate accessibility  especially by the information seekers, the publishing of journals  have widely  become faster and more  reliable way of  communication ,the evolution of internet  have led to open access  to journals  since the readers can get information  without any obstacle or financial issues, when the published  journals are supplied to  educational institutions, subsidized journals taken n to government institution  centers  have served the  purpose of boosting the literacy level of the public. Therefore the introduction if internet technology has enabled articles to e effectively be  used in the research field,

Despite the numerous  importance of journal  by the researchers, effective writing skills   in the higher education institutions in the world  must take a new direction in terms of the writing, the gains of  informative  analytical writing  skills  is a good indicator that  need to acknowledge the value of  based economy in publishing journals ,American students  can advance their writing skills  which facilitate a  faster degree of generating text, thus the ability to think faster in writing journal give  substantive  value to the contents of the journal.(Randolf  1985).

In conclusion quality journal writing entirely relies on cognitive  and self regulation  of planning us a basic process of  that require a vigorous transition when generating new ideas  need in the topic of  journal, here, mature writing  needs a systematic reviewing hence enabling  quality points of arguments .

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