Event That Best Represent Twain’s Inagery of the Gilded Age

The American extensive industrialization that came after the reign of the sixteenth president of the united states Abraham Lincolnclearly represents the periods of the Gilded Age according to the Twain’s inagery . This event directly influenced the Native American’s assimilation efforts; both those in the north and South America.

The president having the authority to survey the tribal land and subsequently making undisputed decisions regarding the lands set aside for the setting up of industries greatly deprived the natives their right of choice just like it was in the Dawes acts. The event of industrialization was marked with great level of corruption led by most anti-democratic movements. During this period, the US government welcomed the immigrants who were greatly opposed by the natives as a measure to conserve their culture and society(Calhoun, 2007).  This led to commercial and agricultural stress to the native’s lands impairing trade and mining to the American societies.  Most immigrants into the United States came specifically for the cheap lands and relatively high wages compared to their home countries, they came for economic opportunities.  Just like in the Gilded ages, the America wages were higher than the surrounding Europe wages. Trade opportunities improved but not uniformly to all the American societies some regions were economically devastated.

Among the values I have learned in this unit is the role of democracy to good governance. General and an all inclusive economic growth lies with the satisfaction of the country citizens.  In this period of extensive industrialization in America, just like it the Twain’s inagery, mining and trade were major economical activities that yielded much. This event impacted greatly to the need of a democratic and an opposition in government to check on the rights of the country citizens.

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