Exotica Dyes Product’s Marketing Channel and Related Decisions

Marketing channels are sets of activities, as well as practices, essential for shifting the rights of ownership of particular products from their production points to their consumption points (Armstrong, 2009). The marketing, or distribution, channel settled on for the Exotica Dyes product is the way it will get to its consumers. Notably, the channels are helpful management tools. They are critical in the creation of well-planned, as well as effectual, marketing strategies. The distribution channel for the Exotica Dyes product will entail its producer, several retailers, and its consumers. The channel will work most excellently for the manufacturer. That is because the targeted consumers will need considerable time prior to deciding to buy the Exotica Dyes product (Armstrong, 2009; Singh, 2015). Thus, the Exotica Dyes product manufacturer’s interests will be most excellently served by selling them to retailers who will thereafter offer them to the consumers.

Various decisions will be made with regard to the product’s delivery. First, decisions will be made regarding how to arrive at the most beneficial relationships between the selected distribution channel and its partners, especially the retailers (Singh, 2015). Notably, brands that are sold via particular marketing channels relate with the partners of the channels in particular ways (Armstrong, 2009). For instance, if the Exotica Dyes brand will seek to capitalize on sales via the retailers, the brand will ideally afford them promotional, as well as advertising support, which it will pre-configure and possibly subsidize (Singh, 2015). Second, decisions will be made regarding how to take advantage of the factors that will possibly impact on the perceptions of the targeted consumers relating to the brand offering. Possibly, the factors will include the offered consumer services, and outlet convenience with regard to locations (Armstrong, 2009; Singh, 2015).

Retailers will purchase the product from its manufacturer. In turn, the consumers will get the product from the retailers directly.  The channel will as well allow the manufacturer to get the Exotica Dyes product to the targeted consumers if he or she will require getting to the targeted market more speedily, utilizing already existing networks with established brand royalties. As noted earlier, various decisions will be made as regards the product’s delivery.

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