Experience Working With Teams in or Outside Your Workplace

Describe in detail an experience working with teams in or outside your workplace

Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people that choose to carry out their activities collectively. There are numerous advantages of working as a team. Team members will have a chance to learn from each other through the interaction that they have while working. The potential for force flexibility increases as a result of the cross-training. Teams offer an excellent opportunity to combine ideas and abilities. Discovery of new mechanisms of carrying out tasks arises as a result of sharing ideas. Team work is also believed to increase and enhance communication among the workers in an organization (Cohen, & Levesque, 1991).

There are also various disadvantages that arise as a result of working as a team. The major one is that conflicts may arise especially where there is a break in the communication process. Teams may slow down activity in an organization since they require mutual agreement from all the parties involved, and it is time wasting when coordination takes place. They are also believed to limit creativity as group members lack a chance to act on their own. Team building is an ongoing process that place continuously in an organization. Teams aim at ensuring that there is support for one another and group members can respect each other’s opinion within the group. Team building should work towards cohesiveness and productivity. A successful team leader will ensure team building becomes effective through taking into consideration all the ideas that are raised by each employer within the team. Team leaders should also detect the feelings of employees that are not spoken out. Team leaders have the role of ensuring that there is harmony within the group by ensuring that amicable resolution of conflicts takes place (Marin-Garcia et al, 2008).

Effective communication is also another measure that team leaders should employ that there is smooth communication within the organization. Both formal and informal communication should be in place to ensure that the team can effectively communicate so as to enhance that service delivery. Clear team goals should be set and also the ground of setting rules that will guide the team(Berger, 1996).

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